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Cindy Moore

Business Broker

Phone: (214) 710-2558
Mobile: (214) 218-0734
Office: Dallas

Cindy Moore is a highly accomplished executive with extensive experience leading teams for manufacturers and retailers in the apparel, footwear, gift and beauty sectors. She has had the opportunity to grow and improve organizations, big and small, at various levels of complexity. She has a keen understanding of the pace of change and the competition retailers face in the market today.

Cindy’s background includes expertise in general and sales management, marketing, finance, supply chain and inventory control, retail sales and analytics, P&L management. Her broad perspective and hands-on knowledge add to her ability to understand and market the intangible assets that owners have built into their own successful businesses.

Dallas has been changing rapidly and growing like fire since Cindy first landed at DFW 30 years ago. It still offers amazing opportunities every day. Cindy will help you buy or sell your business when you are ready to get started on the next successful venture!