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Terique Epps

Business Broker

Phone: (919) 299-9880
Mobile: (919) 980-6633
Office: Raleigh

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There are only a few leaders in the business world who posses the ability to build relationships, trust, and a rapport with almost anyone. Even fewer are able to broker relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships, alliances and forward momentum to get things done. Terique Epps is one of those leaders and getting things done, with an enthusiastic and welcoming attitude, is what he’s all about.

Terique has owned and operated four businesses in the last 12 years. Three businesses were in the healthcare field and his last business displayed his culinary skills as a personal chef for professional athletes. While owning his businesses, he learned to contribute to revenue and profit growth through aggressive improvements in quality, productivity, operational efficiency and customer service. Terique adeptly provided profit and loss oversight, strategic planning, hiring and training to the majority of employees at each company.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your business, Terique is the person you want for the job. Terique thrives when faced with challenges and adapts well to change. He will provide you with all the tools you need to achieve your desired outcome.