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Thomas Esposito

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Phone: (925) 201-1989
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Office: Silicon Valley

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I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and moved to South Florida where I resided with my wife and three children until relocating to Danville, CA last summer.

In the late 1980’s, I founded my first General Aviation service business, followed by a second service business as well as a products company and two of the three businesses were divested in 2003.

The third business or Clear 4 Take Off continues to operate today which I am the managing partner.

Clear4 Take Off, provides windshield and cabin window restorations on all General Aviation or “GA” aircraft.

My work experience also includes business brokerage, after the sale of my businesses I worked alongside the same broker I employed to market and sell my business.

 After achieving some early success, I became a licensed broker in the state of Florida and started my boutique brokerage firm focusing on aviation business opportunities.

As a baby boomer, I understand business owners that have worked for decades and now must consider retirement, some with an exit strategy and some without.

I believe there is tremendous opportunity in this industry due to the amount of business owners that have reached this age benchmark and as a past and present business owner I share their experiences and can relate to their concerns.





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