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When considering becoming a LINK Partner, what’s more important than the growth we are achieving, is why we are achieving it. The answer, like most things that matter, is quite simple. Having started in 1996, LINK have taken an industry that has been fragmented, unloved and under-resourced and have re-energised and re-engineered it with; 


  • world-class IT systems (that are very easy to use) 
  • completely cloud based IT with strong support
  • unique online business appraisal/valuation tool  
  • sharp, meaningful marketing tools 
  • unique broker tools 
  • best practice guidelines
  • online training academy
  • international network of brokers
  • recognition and award programs
  • powerful branding and business support

We have built our business to propel existing business brokerages to a significantly higher level. We provide you with tools, resources and support that deliver results. A business brokerage that becomes a LINK Partner will instantly have access to a system that will make them more competitive in any market place and set the barriers to entry at a staggering level for newcomers. LINK Partners also enjoy exceptional retention rates and recruitment of brokers due to our powerful offering. The bottom line; we deliver a proven system to increase both the performance and the profit for shareholders of business brokerages. If you meet our criteria, we would love to have you on the journey with us. 

LINK have offices in New Zealand, Australia and Philippines.

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Our Staff

Aaron Toresen
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +64 9 555 6000
Mobile: +64 21 722 677
Suneil Connor
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +64 394 0507
Mobile: +64 22 683 8229
Steven Matthews
NZ Business Development Manager
Phone: +64 7 579 4994
Mobile: +64 21 848 873
Jenny Holden
International Franchise Manager
Phone: +64 9 555 6052
Mobile: +64 21 2510103
Rochelle Iosefa
Accounts & Payroll Manager
Phone: +64 9 555 6004
Talia Rushton
Executive Assistant to Aaron Toresen
Phone: +6495556001
Mobile: +6421489677
Haina Nimmo
Accounts Administrator
Phone: +64 9 555 6028
Jillian Willis
Deal Management Administrator (On Maternity Leave)
Mobile: +64 27 200 0019
Maysen Frear
Deal Management Administrator
Phone: +64 9 579 9226
Kyle Haskins
IT Manager
Phone: +64 9 555 6032
Mobile: +64 21 298 3085
Darshana Nair
IT Coordinator
Phone: +64 9 555 6032
Carla Watson
Brand Designer
Phone: +64 9 393 9523
Mobile: +64 22 108 2234
Ana Lopez
International Franchise Liaison
Phone: +64 9 555 6025
Stephanie Luhat
Franchise Support Assistant
Phone: +64 9 394 0571