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We're now in Pennsylvania East

LINK Pennsylvania East aims to provide exceptional professionalism and service with an emphasis on confidentiality, integrity and outcome optimization. They assist both buyers and sellers to achieve their business goals. Whether you are buying your first business, planning your exit strategy or...

November Edition

We have chosen to showcase a mix of exciting new opportunities; there is a business for every interest and price range. Some of these businesses also give you the option to either be actively involved in operations or to buy the business as a managed investment. These opportunities won'...

We're now in Silicon Valley

Raj and Lalitha Sathyaseelan are very excited to open their new LINK office in Silicon Valley, CA. Silicon Valley is the technology-hub and home of big tech players such as Google and Facebook. This eco-system offers many exciting opportunities for prospective buyers to venture into business ownersh...

Achieve Your Financial Goals Confidentially and Creatively

Small companies and service organizations often overlook going outside for help when they experience problems because they think consultants are too expensive or that consultants only work for large companies. LINK specializes in reviewing and determining business solutions for sole proprietors...

Do Your Homework When Buying a Business

Buying a Business? Do Your Homework.

Gain Reward and Success With Minimal Risk

You can be the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of being without the backbreaking work of establishing yourself and with much less risk to your capital. Read how here.

Why Are Small Businesses with No Employees Desirable

Many people think that small, no employee businesses are not desirable, which is not true. In fact, many people prefer them. Why? 

Top 4 Reasons Deals Fall Through

Whether you are engaged in a potential transaction or exploring your options to either sell or buy, these 4 reasons will help you understand the realities of why deals fall apart.

Small Business Optimism Reaches 11 Year High

2017 was an all-­time record and 2018 is off to an ever higher index! Read why now is the best time to be a LINK Business Broker.

DOW Broke the Record in Record Time

The DOW hit 26,000 and broke the record in record time. Read why now is the time to buy an existing business. Call a LINK Broker to find the right business for you.

Now is the Time to Buy a Business

Why is now the time to buy? Read more here. We have businesses for everyone from small retail/restaurants/consumers services to large distributors/manufacturers/business services. Call LINK Today!

More Money Equals More Money

When looking to buy a business do you understand that typically the down payment is equal to the earnings of the business?  Open the newsletter and learn more about what defines earnings of a business.  This newsletter highlights a small portion of businesses that are for sale th...

Birthday of Disneyland

Take a look at the businesses for sale through LINK Business USA.  Click through the Ads and Classifieds to get more information. Also visit to find 500+ businesses for sales throughout the United States.

E Pluribus Unum

Here is a small sample of the businesses for sale through LINK Business Brokers.  See 100s more offerings at  As the largest business brokerage in the world we are the Authority on Selling Businesses.  Whether you are a buyer or seller a LINK Business Broker can ...

When Buying an Existing Business Makes Sense

Take a look at the types of businesses LINK has for sale.  You can find 100s more businesses for sales at  LINK Business is the world's largest business brokerage.  Thinking of selling or buying a business? Contact a LINK Business Broker to help you meet...

Patented Rights

LINK Business is continually improving on how business brokerages operate. If you are a Buyer or Seller, try us and you too will find that we are the best because we keep improving. 

Now is the Time to Own a Small Business

Small business ownership is something that is available to all—not just to those with money, connections or expertise. To help empower more entrepreneurs to pursue their ambitions, LINK Business offers hundreds of existing businesses for sale. Get details at 

Christmas Inspiration

 Get inspired this month to get moving. To buy our own business, and gain greater control of our destiny, and provide us with greater long-term security, while not only providing an income stream, but also providing equity and wealth protection that is not provided with most jobs.

Thanksgiving History and Thanksgiving Opportunities

Read about the unique history of how Thanksgiving came to be in the United States.  Also view some of the unique business buying opportunities available throughout the United States.  Visit to view 100+ other business opportunities for sale.

Life or Death

Happy Halloween! Life or Death? Choose a new life, controlling your destiny by buying an existing business.  View LINK's E-Newsletter to see a sampling of businesses for sale throughout the United States and visit us at to see 100s more for sale.

Competitive Business Spirit

What makes the US Olympic Team so ridiculously competitive?  It is our completive spirit.  LINK has that some competitive spirit. Read this newsletter to see why.

Embrace the Risk. Own Your Own Business. Be Your Own Boss.

Do you want to make the most out of your life? Embrace the risk of owning your own business and being your own boss with LINK. It will set you free and put you on a path to peace and happiness. Call LINK today!

Being a Successful Business Owner

Business owners need to pay attention to what lies ahead.  This LINK USA e-newsletter reminds business owners to stay focused and to pay attention to the bottom line. 

Buying an Existing Business

Owning your own business might be for you - but don’t start from scratch, which has a very high failure rate (±90%). Buy an existing business from LINK; existing businesses are safer and have a much lower risk of failure (±2%). 

Job Frustration

As politics heats up here in America and our educational system becomes a topic of discussion, I would like to comment. Find out exactly what that comment is by reading our March newsletter.

What 2016 Will Bring


Do You Feel Lucky

Do you feel lucky? Well do ya? Your future is not pre-determined, but rather it is your own to decide. Take a look at January's newsletter to view the types of businesses we offer listed at various offices across the United States. Make a positive change.