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World's Most Trusted Business Brokerage (Issue 15)

Learn why waiting too long to sell your business could be problematic and why you should use a LINK broker during the sales process. Also, check out our newest LINK brokers and featured business opportunities from each office. 

LINK is Your Number One Source for Planning Your Next Business Move (Issue 14)

Whether you’re buying or selling, let LINK be your guide to your next step.

Reach Your Potential with LINK (Issue 13)

Find out why should you have an exit strategy and learn how the strength of the American economy has created the perfect envinroment for buying and selling a business. Plus, meet our new brokers and find out what it takes to become a business broker with LINK!  

Why Now Is The Time To Buy Your Own Business (Issue 12)

Are you looking to buy a business? Now is the time! Click on the magazine to read our buyer checklist, the benefits of using a business broker, and why you should buy an existing business. Find out who our newest brokers are and view our $1MM+ listings!

LINK Business Broker Magazine USA - Issue 11

As a business owner, have you asked yourself: "How do I prepare my business for sale?", "When is the right time to sell?", "What do I need to know?".  These questions and many more are answered in this issue of the US Business Broker Magazine. Enjoy the magazine, t...

LINK Business Broker Magazine USA - Issue 10

What kind of business buyer are you? Click on the magazine to find out. This edition of LINK Business Broker Magazine introduces our newest office, LINK New York City as well as our most recent new brokers.  Look inside to view our $1MM Plus section and highlighted listing from all of the ...

LINK Business Broker Magazine, May-August 2017, Issue 9

In this issue of the Business Broker Magazine you will find Tips for Buying the Right Business and how to over come 4 Common Fears about Buying A Business. Visit and find 500+ businesses for sale. 

LINK Business Broker Magazine, January-April 2017, Issue 8

The Trump Effect - Good for Small Business?  Read the Welcome Message to find out.  Our feature article The Insecurity of Job Security lays out the argument of how business ownership is one of the few areas where one can gain greater control of one’s own destiny and provide greater &...

LINK Business Broker Magazine Sept. - Dec. 2016

Are you an entrepreneur or a franchisee? Read our feature article to find out which type of business buyer you are. Other articles give tips for business sellers and necessary homework for business buyers. Find 100+ businesses for sale and 100s more at

LINK Business Broker Magazine May-August 2016

In the most recent edition of the LINK USA Business Broker Magazine we welcome our newest office, LINK Raleigh, in North Carolina.  Read about How to be Successful in the restaurant Business and Why a Startup May Not Be the Best Way to Start Up Your Business and much more. Also inside are adver...

LINK Business Broker Magazine Aug-Nov 2015

A LINK Broker or a Miracle Worker?  Buying a Business is Good for America and its citizens and Time Kills Deals.  Read these and many more articles, as well as hundreds of businesses for sale in this edition of Business Broker.

LINK Business Broker Magazine Jan-April 2016

In this edition of Business Broker read about the Value of a Business Broker and What Sellers and Buyers should know about business transactions.  Read these and many other informative articles and one hundred plus businesses for sale.

LINK Business Broker Magazine Issue 1

LINK Business Broker Magazine, first issue includes 30 pages packed full of businesses for sale and industry information.

LINK Business Broker Magazine April 2015

In this issue of Business Broker read about Management Led Acquisitions and Selling Your Business - Think Like a Buyer.  Read these and many other interesting and informative business articles, as well as over 200 businesses for sale.

LINK Business Broker Magazine Nov/Feb 2015

Welcome to our new Phoenix franchisee.  In this issue prepare to sell your business and think like a buyer!  Download to see these articles and many more, plus 180+ businesses for sale.