Link Business

Ana Lopez

Franchise Operations Support

Phone: 09 555 6025
Office: Franchisor (International Head Office)

Ana is part of the LINK Franchisor team, focusing particularly on supporting the US and Australian teams. Having lived and worked in the US and Australia, Ana has a thorough understanding and insight into the work/life culture of these countries. Her Bachelors in Communication, combined with her Masters in International Law & International Relations, has given her a strong ability to think critically and has developed her intellectual curiosity.

Ana’s work and volunteer experience spans the US, UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, within various industries including government, project management and travel/tourism. These differing cultural and business environments have cultivated her high level of adaptability and allow her to hit the ground running. Above all, she places great importance on effective communication to build open and trusting relationships.

Ana’s innate love for experiencing the world and meeting new people has led her to travel to 25+ countries and live in 7, now finally settling down in New Zealand. Her newest home allows her to enjoy wine tastings in stunning vineyards, craft beer in funky breweries and go on weekend adventures through the striking landscapes of NZ. Plus, who doesn’t love a kiwi?