Link Business

Jenny Holden

International Franchise Manager

Phone: +64 9 555 6052
Mobile: +64 21 2510103
Office: Franchisor (International Head Office)

I have worked in small business administration for 20 years with a strong focus on HR, Health and Safety and management processes. Over the last 10 years I have been self-employed as an independent consultant, specialising in business processes and documentation. I contracted to both, "The Franchise Coach" and to LINK. During this time I became very familiar with franchise terminology and developed a true understanding of franchise systems and their unique requirements. 

Having worked with many businesses throughout NZ, I have learnt that every business needs sound operational practices and robust support systems.  Combining my HR experience with my skills in operations management, I have written content for systems manuals and documented processes and procedures for franchised businesses in a range of sectors. In 2014 I joined the LINK Franchisor team in a support role.

Now the International Franchise Manager for LINK, my role is vast and exciting. I support Master Franchisees, Franchisees and Administrative personnel throughout the LINK group.  I advise and assist with projects to drive profitability by providing the necessary tools and resources that franchisees need to grow their business.

At LINK we believe in best business practice and streamlined operations. Moreover, we value the core principles that underpin and determine their success; trusting relationships and respectful lines of communication. An important part of my role is building company culture while ensuring that the LINK values are adhered to by all parties.

A role of this nature calls on a number of personal attributes, some, part of my natural make-up, while others have been learnt or fine-tuned along the way. I focus on setting an example based on professionalism, honesty and integrity. As with any role, challenges are part of the package, how we choose to handle them sets us apart from others. My personal motto is "flexible people are less likely to get bent out of shape". In my experience, being adaptable in the face of change and challenge provides a clear space in which to learn and achieve dynamic results.

With an active and keen interest in professional and continuous improvement, I am focused on bringing my best to the table at all times. LINK is an incredible company with a strong brand, and I'm very proud to be part of the team.