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About LINK 

LINK was established in 1996 in New Zealand and has steadily grown to become the largest business brokerage in the world with offices in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines.

LINK is the most innovative and fastest growing international business brokerage in the world. We have world class IT Cloud based business systems custom developed for business brokers. We have our own award-winning valuation tool to ensure accurate pricing of businesses. In addition, we have meaningful marketing tools and collateral, powerful branding and business support, and the best online training for new and experienced brokers.

When entering the US market, we wanted to partner with the very best in the business, and we soon reached an agreement with renowned business broker Ron Hottes, one of the most experienced, educated and well-known business brokers in the United States. Ron converted his successful Los Angeles based brokerage to LINK and joined as a partner in LINK USA. We acquired Ron’s business brokerage office in 2017, but he is still involved as a partner with LINK USA, LLC, now based in Wilmington, NC, where he has more time for his passion for boating.


Our success and reputation as a market leader comes from our unique approach to marketing and selling businesses.

We offer a focused service, whereby our business brokers are assigned to specific, specialized divisions. These LINK divisions focus on different industries, from franchise and restaurant businesses, to tourism and hotel businesses, manufacturing and many more. Our brokers will have past experience in their assigned industry, offering buyers and sellers a better insight into these areas of business.

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