Link Business

Become a LINK Licensee

We are expanding our presence in the red hot US market. Our current footprint includes offices in New York City, Pennsylvania, Texas (Ft. Worth and Dallas) and Silicon Valley. Now that we have established our presence, we plan to expand our office locations and bring our unique brand of industry-tailored M&A and business brokerage to the remainder of the US through our innovative and owner-friendly licensing program.

We are particular about who we do business with, but if you are a professional working in the M&A space, an existing business broker or owner of a business brokering company (even if you are currently with another group) and are successful, with impeccable integrity - we would like to hear from you. We’ll enable you to build a business within a generous territory.

Our marketing is second to none, our tools are revolutionary, our software system is powerful and world-leading and our support is real. We work with individual offices to help them grow and prosper, we don't just sign you up and move on. LINK has truly changed the landscape of M&A and business brokerage, and now its unique system is available in the United States. Don't miss the opportunity, as locations are limited.