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Best Places to Retire

You’ve put in the time, sweat and tears to turn your business idea into a thriving and successful company. Now you’re in a position to look back on all the sacrifices you’ve made and can feel confident that it was all worth it. You’ve probably realized by now that running a profitable business takes just as much time as building one, and perhaps you’re wondering when you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your success.

That time is right now. This can be the moment you take back your days and enjoy all the things you’ve put off for the sake of your company. Before you book your plane tickets, here are several of the most popular places to retire.

Retiring in the Triangle Area

Retiring doesn’t mean you have to leave the area you know and love. The Triangle cities offer something for everyone, with beaches no more than a day away, and access to the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. Free public transit allows anyone over the age of 65 to get about easily and enjoy local events and city amenities. Low cost of living makes this an excellent choice for retirees who want to stretch their bank accounts.

Retiring Out of State

Those ready to venture outside the North Carolina border should include Weatherford, TX, on their short list. The town is a paradise for horse-lovers, and the extremely low cost of living makes property ownership attainable even for those with tight budgets. Retirees reluctant to leave the conveniences of the big city will be happy to learn that the town is just a short distance away from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis.

If you want a change but wish to stay close to North Carolina, look no further than Charleston, SC, to begin the next chapter of your life. The city boasts charming scenery and offers residents an authentic southern experience. The area is filled with cultural city must-haves, such as museums and theaters, but those who live in Charleston also enjoy low crime rates and tax benefits for retirees.

Retiring Internationally

Anyone looking for a more drastic change can consider an international move. Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for retirees to settle down outside of the United States. A favorable currency exchange and low cost of living allow those with modest funds to live a much more luxurious lifestyle than would be possible in the US. When you factor in the tropical climate and miles of beach property, it’s easy to see why Mexico is a top choice for those looking for a more exotic location.

Retiring on the Road

For some, the idea of settling down at all is unappealing, and there’s no reason their retirement can’t accommodate wandering spirits. Purchasing an RV allows retirees to see the country at leisure while coming home to the same four walls (and wheels). International travelers can spend years discovering new lands with a little pre-planning and careful budgeting. All the vacations you put off to dedicate yourself to your company can finally become a reality now that you have the time to spend.

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