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Find Out Where to Buy the Best Businesses in Southern California

Whether you're a tried-and-true entrepreneur with many businesses under your belt, or you're a new investor looking to make your mark on the world, there's one place you can go to find some of the best Southern California businesses that are for sale. That place is, where hundreds of businesses are listed and sold all across the world, including in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

What Can You Do on the Website?

When you visit the LINK website, you can take advantage of resources and functionality to help you find and buy the right business. Some things you can do on the site include:

  • Find out more about LINK as a company, including details about all the locations our brokers operate in within the United States
  • Browse our Knowledge Center to find articles about buying and selling businesses all across the country to learn how to:
    • Find the right business to match your personal goals, budget and preferences
    • Prepare your business for selling
    • Navigate the buying or selling process for a positive outcome
  • Join LINK as a broker or franchise owner
  • Search for companies to buy using our ‘businesses for sale’ database

Finding the Right Southern California Business for Sale

Here's how to use to browse through Southern California businesses for sale.

The business search function is available on the homepage as well as the "Businesses for Sale" and "Buying" tabs. Click on the "Businesses for Sale" tab for the easiest-to-navigate form.

Once there, you can browse all the businesses for sale or narrow down the listings by:

  • Category, which lets you look at companies in specific industries
  • Sub Category, which lets you narrow results even further to see companies in specific niches within each industry
  • All Locations, which lets you see business in regions such as California, Indiana, East Coast states or Western states
  • Sub Locations, which lets you narrow down the region you're looking in, selecting areas such as "the greater Sacramento area"

You can also set ranges for prices, profits or sales ranges, or search the listings by keywords.

If you want to see all the southern California businesses for sale, you can choose California as your location and Southern California as the sub location. Then just click search.

LINK returns summaries of each business listing, including a short description, price, profit, sales, location, industry and type. You can click "View Listing" to see more information.

When you view the listing, you'll see a more detailed summary and information about how to contact the broker for that business listing. You'll also have access to inquiry buttons that let you make an inquiry online.

Let LINK Pave the Way to a New Opportunity

LINK doesn't share all the details about each business for sale online to protect the confidentiality and business practices of the owner, but brokers will work with qualified buyers and disclose enough information for buyers to make a data-driven decision. Then, you can find out more about the business in the due diligence process before making your final decision.

Let LINK brokers set you on the path to owning your next business. Visit to get started.

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