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Raleigh is One of the Best Big Cities in the US

There are many reasons that Money Magazine has chosen Raleigh for the list of the Best Big Cities to Live in Right Now. The city has experienced a great deal of population growth in recent years and job growth is on an upward climb that is seemingly unstoppable. Throw in a diverse population, vibrant local culture and a very reasonable cost of living, and you've got the perfect recipe for a great city to live in. Below are just a few of Raleigh's features that make it the second best big city in the U.S.

High Wages and a Low Cost of Living

If you've been considering making a move to Raleigh, your bank account just might thank you. The average family earns $82,021 annually and pays only $263,000 for their home. Additionally, property taxes in Raleigh are fairly low with an average of $2632, and sales tax throughout the state is only 7.25 percent.

Job Growth Potential

As the population in Raleigh rises, so does the potential for new businesses and job growth. It's projected that job availability in Raleigh will grow 9.6 percent between 2018 and 2022; within the city's fastest-growing industries, which include aerospace and defense, food manufacturing and automotive manufacturing, it's safe to assume that plenty of opportunities will continue to arise within the workforce.

The Residents

Raleigh is home to nearly half a million residents, many of whom are younger to middle-aged adults and families. The city is very culturally diverse with more than 40 percent of residents being non-white. Despite this diversity, the city of Raleigh is a tight-knit community that is very inclusive of all ages and ethnicities.

The North Carolina State Fair

One of Raleigh's biggest events is the annual North Carolina State Fair. This festival takes place every October and features rides, carnival games, music, art displays and an agricultural exposition. Local businesses thrive during the festival as tourism rates in the city reach all-time highs.

Local Attractions

Raleigh is home to a wide array of museums, including the North Carolina Museum of Art, the North Carolina Museum of History, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and Marbles Kids Museum. The North Carolina State Capital offers guided tours that offer a great learning opportunity for families, schools and those who enjoy learning about the state's history. The Morgan Street Food Hall, based on the UK department store food hall concept, offers foodies the chance to choose from nearly 30 artisan and gourmet culinary options. Raleigh is also home to almost 30 breweries and the Videri Chocolate Factory.

William B. Umstead State Park

William B. Umstead State Park offers 22 miles of hiking trails, nature trails and walking paths all surrounded by lush greenery and crystal-blue waters. All of nature's beauty is right on your doorstep when you live in Raleigh.

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