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San Diego Named One of the 10 Best Big Cities to Live In

Recently, Money Magazine released its list of the 10 Best Big Cities to Live In, and it's no surprise San Diego made the cut. Money Magazine based its list on a variety of factors, including the overall cost of living, population, local attractions, iconic neighborhoods and promising job growth. In San Diego, the diverse collection of neighborhoods, cultures and attractions contribute to a healthy tourism industry and are the reason so many choose to call San Diego home. San Diego is a welcoming city with a thriving economy and residents of all ages and cultures. There are many reasons that those residing in San Diego speak so highly of the city and report a high quality of life. Below, you'll find a breakdown of just a few of the reasons San Diego is such a great city to call home.

An Affordable Cost of Living

Big city living can often come with a hefty price tag. The cost of living in some of California's major cities are among the most expensive in the country, with San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland sitting among the top five most expensive. In San Diego, the cost of living is much more affordable than many of its counterparts. With a median home price of $555,000, big city living is far more accessible to the average family.

Job Growth

A projected 4.4 percent increase is expected in the job market by 2022 in San Diego. While a decrease in available employment opportunities is expected throughout the U.S. by 2026, San Diego's economy continues to thrive, making it an ideal locale for young families and those just beginning their careers. The promising economy in San Diego makes it a great location for entrepreneurs to enter the business market, as well.

Cultural Diversity

San Diego is home to many cultures, making it a vibrant and diverse city that is welcoming and pleasant for all. This diversity makes for a wide variety of business opportunities in the city, with many different tastes and lifestyles to appease.

Exciting Attractions

San Diego is home to many exciting attractions that appeal to both locals and tourists. The world-famous San Diego Zoo draws in 3.2 million visitors each year and legalized gambling makes San Diego a popular destination for adult tourists and residents alike with Vegas-style resorts and casinos such as Viejas Casino and Sycuan Casino. Also, residents can enjoy SeaWorld, nearby LEGOLAND, in Carlsbad, and Major League Baseball in the Padres' downtown stadium.

Year-Round Coastal Climate

Residents of San Diego have the pleasure of enjoying the city's sprawling beaches and oceanfront views year-round. The city's climate is warm and comfortable throughout all four seasons of the year and precipitation is minimal. Winter temperatures in San Diego are an average of 50 degrees, while during the summer time, average temperatures are only as high as 76 degrees.

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