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Selling Your Automotive Repair Business in the Triangle

The automotive repair industry in the Triangle Area in North Carolina is evolving fast. The most successful auto repair businesses in the area are those that continually upgrade their technology and retrain their mechanics and other employees.

Electric cars are one of the main drivers of the rapid changes in the industry. These cars don't run entirely on the internal combustion engine (ICE). Instead, millions of lines of code are responsible for an increasing number of functions in cars. Technological advancements are transforming the way automotive repair businesses undertake repair and maintenance of vehicles.

In such a fast-changing business environment, business owners need to be prepared to adapt. They can do this by retraining current employees or hiring new employees with up-to-date training. Likewise, business owners need to set aside a sizable portion of their budget to buy new and update existing auto repair technology.

Depending on your current life circumstances, it may be advisable to sell your business rather than take on the risks involved in operating your company in a fast-changing business environment.

Preparing to Sell Your Automotive Repair Business in the Triangle

The good news is that the business market in the Triangle area looks promising for owners of automotive repair businesses. Before you sell, you need to do an in-depth review of yourself and the business.

Some of the areas you need to address include:

  • Coming up with a growth plan
  • Streamlining your business operations
  • Cleaning up your finances
  • Undertaking an accurate valuation
  • Identifying the right buyers
  • Preparing your staff for the transition

Potential buyers want a pragmatic road map for expansion opportunities. Buyers will see your business as valuable if you can demonstrate viable growth opportunities that you were unable to exploit only because you lacked the capital.

Businesses that are strong in all of the important aspects of their operations are attractive to potential buyers. Some of the essential areas to streamline include your product pipeline, middle management practices and marketing strategies. Most importantly, buyers want to be sure that your business will continue to prosper in your absence.

You may have to hire a professional accountant with experience in the sale of businesses to help put together strong financial statements that give a clear picture of your business's financial health. Start gathering detailed financial documentation at least three years before the year of sale to account for all your revenue and to facilitate a valuation.

Lend further credibility to your financial statements by having an independent CPA firm review or audit the documents. Doing so demonstrates confidence in the financial health of your business and increases buyers' willingness to invest in it.

Why You Should Use a LINK Broker to Help with the Process

Using the financial documents prepared by your CPA, a LINK broker can help you determine what your business would sale for currently on the market. LINK’s award winning Valu.LINK tool allows a broker to arrive at a sales price by drawing on global sales data and precise algorithms for accuracy.

You can also improve the likelihood of finding the right buyer for your automotive repair business in the Triangle Area by hiring a LINK broker. In addition to guiding you through the sales process, your broker can connect you to other experienced professionals, such as business attorneys. With a LINK broker, the sale will be profitable and won't drag on for years.

Established brokers have the tools you need to reach many potential buyers. They can put your business on multiple listing and run online and print ads.

LINK brokers take care of the time-consuming and complicated aspects of selling a business. Meanwhile, you can focus on what you do best: providing high-quality products and services to your customers and streamlining business operations.

You don't have to worry about dealing with heaps of paperwork because your broker has the staff and equipment needed to manage all of this documentation on your behalf. They will prepare, gather and organize documents such as valuations, sales contracts and confidentiality agreements.

Most importantly, your LINK broker will make sure you get the best price for your business. You invested a lot and made many sacrifices to see your business succeed. It's important that the buyer pays for the full value you're giving them. To set up a confidential, no obligation meeting with a broker, contact the LINK Raleigh office today at 919-299-9880 or email at