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The Transformation of the East End Connector in Durham NC

The 3.9-mile stretch of highway known as the East End Connector will connect the Durham Freeway (N.C. 147) and Miami Boulevard (U.S. 70) in Durham, N.C. Once completed, the new road is expected to ease congestion on the streets of Durham, and by solving the gridlock, the project will allow for economic development and create opportunities for businesses to thrive. That's great news for people who want to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit of the community by buying a business.

The roads being connected by this project are only a mile apart, but without the convenient access the East End Connector will provide, the drive becomes longer as commuters have to go out of the way to get where they need to be. Add the current traffic congestion into the mix, and it turns into a significant time investment to drive in the Triangle area. Fortunately, that's all in the process of changing. Once work is done, locals will find an improved quality of life, as well as the opportunity for new businesses or services in the area.

Easier Movement of Goods and People

This new stretch of road and its access ramps will make it easier to move goods into and out of the area, as noted by the City of Durham. Items shipped by truck, rail and air will have an improved flow and reduced shipping times via the connector. That makes the entire area a prime location for business investment.

Being able to quickly and easily get goods to your company, get them processed and then put out to market provides businesses with a shorter turnaround time. This begins and ends with the shipment aspect that's enhanced by improved roadways, but it also includes access to a fully staffed organization.

Current Business Trends in Durham

Currently, businesses tend to focus on areas near Research Triangle Park. The East End Connector is expected to open up business opportunities in Durham by making it easier to navigate throughout the area.

Even giving directions to a business will be easier. Instead of telling a customer who is unfamiliar with the area to navigate through a turn-by-turn list of the streets to take, a business owner simply can advise which exit to take to get to the correct street.

The existence of the East End Connector means travel times for customers and employees should fall. According to U.S. News & World Report, the current average commute time in the Raleigh-Durham area is 24.9 minutes. In areas with congested traffic, however, travel times grow longer, but the East End Connector is expected to minimize that significantly.

Enhanced Trade Outside the Area and With Other Countries

The completed East End Connector will connect southern Durham with the north end of the downtown area. It also will give businesses in the northern Durham area faster access to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. This will open up international trade opportunities and provide the ability to shorten shipping times within the country with the increased ease of transporting goods.

When you're ready to begin your entrepreneurial adventure and take advantage of the new business opportunities created by the East End Connector, a professional business broker from LINK can help you find the right opportunity in the Raleigh-Durham area. To get started, call the Raleigh LINK office at 919-299-9880, or send an email with your questions and contact information to