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Greater Bakersfield is located in California, USA near the southern end of San Joaquin Valley and the Central Valley region. The area is considered a main hub for agriculture and oil production with Kern County dubbed as the number 2 oil-producing county in the United States.

Greater Bakersfield is also known for its wide range of industry sectors such as aerospace, manufacturing, petroleum, technology, distribution, food processing, and corporate offices. It  prides itself in having business-friendly policies that help support new businesses as well having an attractive tax rate of zero percent for inventory, raw materials, and finished goods in Kern County.

This diversified economy and great business relations with investors around Greater Bakersfield is part of the many primary contributors to the area’s high economic growth and thus, make it a stunning location for businesses.

Why Buy a Business in Greater Bakersfield

With Greater Bakersfield’s solid record on having a healthy job market and affordable housing plans, growth in the region is on the right track in terms of economic numbers. Oil and agriculture industries are booming, with retail, health care, and leisure also considered as major players in the mix.

Accessibility is also not a problem in the area as Bakersfield is geographically accessible to California’s population, making it relatively easy for 40 million consumers to access it.

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