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The Greater San Francisco Bay area is a spectacular location for tourists, residents, and business enthusiasts. It is located along the Northern California and is home to the billion dollar region, Silicon Valley, where giant tech innovators like Google, Apple, and Facebook are located.

More than 24 public transit agencies operate within the area, placing the region as one of the top transit markets in the nation. The Greater Bay Area puts transportation at an efficient scale through Plan Bay Area 2040 whose mission is to have a long-range integrated transportation, land use and housing plan to support the economic tiger for future growth.

Business opportunities are ripe in the megaregion as it houses a unique ecosystem of investors and capitalists from the start ups to the Fortune 500 companies.

The time to buy a business in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area is now

Although widely known as the main center for tech-related companies, Greater San Francisco Bay Area has a diverse economy. There are other growing sectors that thrive within the region too like entertainment, having Pixar and Netflix companies, aerospace, apparel, financial and food and drink industries.

A greater educated population exists in the region as well since the economy of the Greater San Francisco Bay area rely mostly on tech innovating companies.

The region also gives aspiring business owners easy access to resources like training, capital and business networks, all important to help make starting a business easy. San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Renaissance Entrepreneur Center are all available to make no business owner feel alone.

With the presence of sparkling ocean views, Golden Gate Bridge,and fantastic wineries, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t fall behind in giving its residents a dreamy work and life balance. The consistently fair weather paired with a bustling urban setting is also what makes the Greater San Francisco Bay Area a perfect location for new and established businesses.

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